How connected are you?

The world is becoming more connected than ever before! It’s commonly accepted you are more likely to leave your credit or eftpos cards at home than your mobile phone. Being connected is a way of life and here to stay.  Research says there will be a huge increase of demand in technology. 

Digidrive is a market leader of in-car multimedia and entertainment systems.  These units become an extension of technology and provide you and your vehicle with all of the benefits that 2015 technology has to offer. 

Traditionally, the multimedia units in Japanese imported cars have let the customer down as they have limited radio stations, Japanese GPS and no Bluetooth etc. No one wants this! 

Digidrive has a solution that provides you with the latest technology:

Full range of radio stations 
- Not just Mai FM or Talkback 
- Includes RDS-(displays name of station) 
- Strong radio frequencies-wider coverage outside of the city 

Bluetooth which is clear
- Get good quality audio 
- Be safe while driving 

NZ maps 
- Genuine and updateable 

Intuitive, user-friendly and multi-functional 
- DVD/MP3-play movies 
- Music streaming 
- External microphone 
- Ipod connection 
- USB connection
- SD Card
- HD quality screen
- And much more 

Unit fits into your vehicle and looks great 

NZ company providing 
- Local support 
- Local warranty

As a valued customer of City Motor Group Digidrive would like to offer you:


Buy a Digidrive unit worth upwards of $1000, for only $699 and receive a free map worth $80. That’s a saving of over $380. Hurry, only available to the first 10 customers.